What our customers have to say about us



"If all you Skipton ladies have never been here you must go its a real treat ,you will come out feeling great"


"I just love having my hair n nails done here xxx love you all xx


"Oh my god Linda , my nails are still perfect, I have really abused them this week!! and they are still beautiful for the wedding. Thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"


"omg thank you Linda, my nails are out of intensive care, you can not go on holiday ever ever again!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx"


"Just want to say I absolutely love my new cut and colour and everyone has said how much they love it thanks to tom and also thanks to the lovely linda who did a beautiful nail paint for me, still on after a week :-)"


"No matter how busy they are: I always get a friendly reception and my hair cut exactly how I like it at Sexton & Co."


"Reliable, quick and friendly: I have been a regular customer for years."