Clear start

Why would I choose Clear start?


Eight fresh products just for teens and young adults. Get clean, take on issues and protect your best skin now!


How does clear start work?


All the clear start products help to deep clean, purify skin, hydrate, reduce blackheads and control shine. Without stripping the skin and causing even more problems. All the products are frangrance and artificle colour free. One of the key ingredients is Bentonite clay which absorbs oil.


What products are available to me for use at home?


The eight products in this line include breakout clearing foaming wash, overnight treatment, emergency spot fix, all over toner, blackhead clearing pore control scrub, oil clearing matte moisturiser sfp15, skin soothing hydrating lotion and the breakout clearing kit.


In salon discount.....


Recieve 10% discount off any dermalogica products on the day when you book yourself a full dermalogica skin treatment at £45 for an hour.


Why choose a dermalogica skin treatment?


Not only do you recieve a free Face mapping skin analyse and consultation before your treatment which determines exactly the right products for your skin and to help your concerns. The skin treatment has expert products that you can't buy over the counter to ensure a professional result. Alot like brushing your teeth every day, you go se a dentist every 6 months. It's the same with your skin health, continue to look after your skin at home and we'll give it an extra boost. Skin cell turnover is roughly every 30 days so a skin treatment every month will look after new skin and help get rid of old skin cells, making you look brighter.