Why would I choose PowerBright TRx?


If your skin has hyperpigmentation these leave on products will provide opitmal hydration, exfoliate surface cells to enhance skin tone and reduce Tyrosinase activity which causes the skin to darken i.e age spots which can make your skin look aged. So if your wanting more hydrated, brighter and even skin tone this three products are the best.


How does PowerBright TRx work?


The ingredients that go into these three products are what make them work so brilliantly. Some of those ingredients include Phytic acid which inactivates tyrosinase and control melanin formation. Lactobacillus which helps exfoliate surface cells to enhance skin tone and eliminate dark spots. And Oligopeptide-34 reduces tyrosinase activity and melanosome transfer to cells.


What products are available to me for use at home?


This line only consists of three products. C-12 pure bright serum, pure light spf50 and pure night. Ideal for adding to an existing regimen, by just adding one product will make a difference to skin. And working along side professional treatment you will get the results.


In salon discount.....


Recieve 10% discount off any dermalogica products on the day when you book yourself a full dermalogica skin treatment at £45 for an hour.


Why choose a dermalogica skin treatment?


Not only do you recieve a free Face mapping skin analyse and consultation before your treatment which determines exactly the right products for your skin and to help your concerns. The skin treatment has expert products that you can't buy over the counter to ensure a professional result. Alot like brushing your teeth every day, you go se a dentist every 6 months. It's the same with your skin health, continue to look after your skin at home and we'll give it an extra boost. Skin cell turnover is roughly every 30 days so a skin treatment every month will look after new skin and help get rid of old skin cells, making you look brighter.