Back in December 2003 at the tender age of 18 starting out in the big bad world of salon ownership with just myself doing hair and my mother working the reception (and boy did she!) wrongly some would say the last thing on my mind was 'what should I call my salon?' which the answer was, I have no idea! As the launch day was closing in fast the obvious answer to me was...I'll name it after myself and point out the obvious, I'm Tom Sexton and I'm a Hair Stylist so there was born Tom Sexton Hair Stylist.

With an unexpected response to the launch from Skipton which still to this day blows me away how the town took me in, we had to recruit fast! Still the last thing on my mind was the name of the Salon so with the addition of Emma Day in January 2004 and Karen Cowens July 2004 the only logical solution was to go from Tom Sexton Hair Stylist to Tom Sexton Hair Stylists (see what I did there! I shock myself sometimes!!)

By now you must be starting to realise there is a pattern emerging, but I'll continue...December 2011 saw us introduce a Jessica manicure & pedicure station where the lovely Linda O'Hagan joined us. Once again the name of my salon wasn't the priority as always attention was on the service, training and product quality so the the name evolved into who we are today from Tom Sexton Hair Stylists to Tom Sexton Hair Stylists & Nail Spa! Genius!!

October 2013 we took on our first hair apprentice Eloise Foster who is now fully qualified up to NVQ level 3.

June 2015 we took over the floor above us in the beautiful High Corn Mill of Skipton where we have introduced our 'Urban Spa' element to the salon with a Dermalogica skin therapist, beauty therapist and Mii make up artist, Anne Marie O'Hagan.

So Ladies and Gentlemen I give you...

The umerella of a name that hosts so many treatments!


I'd just like to thank all my wonderful clients and the gorgeous town of Skipton for the support over the last 14's to the next! Visit our online treatment menu